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      Application of colloidal silica

      Precision casting/ceramic industry

      Mainly using ordinary alkaline silica sol

      Coating industry

      Mainly using organic modified silica sol

      Paper industry

      Mainly using small particle size alkaline silica sol


      • Potassium silicate, lithium silicate

        Potassium silicate and lithium silicate, as raw materials for inorganic coatings, have excellentstability, weather resistance, and adhesion,and have good compatibility with various inorganicmaterials....

      • Reinforced silica sol

        Enhanced silica sol refers to an enhanced silica sol made by compounding various organicpolymers and polymer materials ....

      • Modified silica sol

        Modified silica sol refers to the process of connecting silica sol with organic polymer groupssuch as alkenyl, epoxy, alkyl, carboxyl, etc., on the basis of ordinary silica sol, which can protectsome hydroxyl groups and do not react with other reaction groups, resulting in betterstability....

      • High purity silica sol

        High purity silica sol refers to a silica sol with low metal content, high uniform distribution, and good stability....

      • Large particle size silica sol

        Large particle size silica sol refers to a silica sol with an average particle size of 30-150 nano-meters, suitable for the electronics industry and having certain purity...

      • Small Particle size silica sol

        Small particle size silica sol refers to a silica sol system with an average particle size of 2-7nanometers....

      • Low Sodium silica sol

        Low sodium silica sol refers to the low sodium type silica sol produced by removing somesodium ions from the alkaline silica sol....

      • Ammonia silica sol

        Ammonia type silica sol uses organic alkali such as ammonia alkali and ammoniumalkali as stabilizers instead of inorganic bases....

      • Neutral silica sol

        Neutral silica sol is a colloidal solution of silica with a pH...

      • Alkaline silica sol

        Ordinary silica sol:an average particle size of 8-15 nanometers...

      • Acid silica sol

        Acidic silica sol : pH value ranging from 2.0 to 4.0...

      About Us

      Shandong Kehan New Materials co.,LTD

      Kehan company is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the manufacture of Silica Sol. and is theonly one innovative enterprise with three manufacturing silica sol methods , which are “Silicon hydrolysismethod",“Water glass ion exchange method"and “Sol-gel method to produce ultra-pure SilicaSol” .Our company establish Silica sol ···